Training For Web Design & Development

Duration: 3 months to 6 months

Outline: A mint of creativity

Web Design & Development

Web design and development plays major role in the world to create a unique and high-end web designs and websites. It deals with creation and maintenance of websites. An ever developing set of tools and technologies have helped developers build more dynamic and interactive websites.

Maya Institute and Technology which is the best place to start the web design and development training. It provides real time training program to the participants. Our experts are highly practised working professionals with real time project knowledge.

Website design also includes information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colours, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography) as well as icons design.

Our experts can help you the students to gain essential knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery web development tools.

At the final stage, you’ll apply your skills to build a full functional oriented web designs and websites.


Our goal is to make you stand out with this technology with help of our expert trainers. Enhance your training skills to make it the work an absolutely stunning and unique.

  • Take account of the needs and sensibilities of the Web Site’s target audience.
  • Use graphical elements appropriately to the demographic of its target audience.
  • Complement a Website’s central message.
  • Use unifying elements to reinforce the design throughout the site.
  • Impart trust in the website and, by association, its owners.
  • Web Design Focused on Achieving Your Business Goals.
  • A Website development requires detailed planning if it is to be successfully realized.
  • The choice of technology used to code a Website based on the functionality necessary for the Web site and any probable future development needs of the site.
Website Design & Development

Placement Scope

Websites are the helping hand of the internet in the current career scope in web design and development will be good. With Internet growing all over the world website attaining popular as everyone want to promote their services, brand, information, sell products.

After completion of this training who can work with web development companies. Following job opportunities are comes under this web design & development.

  • Web designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web developer
  • UI developer
Website Design & Development

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