Training For Digital Video Edit

Maya Schools objective is to video manipulation and arrangement of video shots during the video editing course. Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process.We have designed the video editing courses is  to concentrate not only the theoretical part, equips with the professional skills and making them shines in ever growing and competitive industry.Our faculties are highly skilled and experienced in real time projects and video animation. Improve your talents and career opportunities in the design industry with our video editing course.

Course duration

Features of course

In a video editing course, learners study how to make videos from the footages.  This course comprises lots of practical features and is usually in use in several parts, the most simple of which is finished early in a package.
  • Full Practical with Corporate Based Training
  • Weekdays and Weekends Classes
  • Flexible Timings
  • Portfolio and Skill Development Programmes
  • Placement Guidance and Support
  • International Syllabus

Placement Scope

Nowadays video editing are functioning some of the topmost Movies.  A video editors career is on the smooth track with high pay-package and other benefits.
  • Lead Video Editor
  • Video editor
  • Movie editor
  • Visual editor
  • Color corrections

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