Training For Programming Languages

Maya Schools offers a complete course training for the most popular programming languages. We will offer special training for C and C++ programming training for the participants.If you are looking to get a knowledge about a specific language for your project, we will give a structure for understanding how to use language and make your codes work effective and elegant. The C Training course covers C Programming language essentials such as Programming techniques, decision making statements, iterations, functions, macros & 1D array.Our C++ training courses covers introduction to C++, variables and data types, Looping constructs: while, do while, for loops, Functions, Arrays, Storage Classes, Pointers, C++ classes, Reference types, Function overloading, Inheritance.In Maya Schools, you can gain the skills you need to design and develop your own projects.

Course duration


Our goal is to make you stand out with this technology with help of our expert trainers. Enhance your training skills to make it the work an absolutely stunning and unique.
  • Full Practical with Corporate Based Training
  • Weekdays and Weekends Classes
  • Flexible Timings
  • Portfolio and Skill Development Programmes
  • Placement Guidance and Support
  • International Syllabus

Placement Scope

Our instructors are specifically trained to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a student and training them consequently. It’s used to develop systems software, application software, high-performance server and client applications and video games.
  • Software development
  • Game development
  • Artificial intelligence development
  • Computer drivers or other hardware interface development

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